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From this website you can view and print my 1500+ GPS and converted Loran database that I have been accumulating over 40 years. The locations have been collected from personal experience, other fishermen and captains, and numerous non-copyrighted sources. The lists can be viewed or printed with calculated range and bearing from either Manasquan or Barnegat inlets. There are two versions from each inlet, the full version of 1500+ locations, or an abbreviated version that only contains locations within 25 miles from the inlet. The locations are the same for both sets of full listings. You will need the Adobe pdf reader to view or print (see below).  

In some cases you will see multiple sets of numbers for the same location, this means either it is a large area, or I over the years I have received different sets of numbers for the same wreck or reef, and am not sure which is more accurate. Many of the locations will have a reference to AWOIS, be sure to look at "What is AWOIS" in the reference section below, it is very interesting and important. If the location has an AWOIS reference, go to the AWOIS search page and search on the wreck name to get more detailed information. If the location has an AWOIS Lat/Lon and also another non-AWOIS Lat/Lon, I would certainly go with the AWOIS numbers. 

These lists are for reference only.
The numbers that I have personally added, or those from other sources, may not be totally accurate. You should plug the numbers into your own GPS unit to compute the range and bearing. You will notice that the LAT/LON in the comments section is carried out  to 1 additional digit by AWOIS.

More importantly, check the LAT/LON of the inlets so you  know that  is the right number that conforms with your GPS  unit. You  will be glad you did when you have to find the inlet in the fog.         

Copyrights- The GPS reports are copyrighted. Any commercial or for profit use is prohibited without prior consent. All non-commercial interests may print and copy the reports for personal use by friends or other fishermen, or send them to this website for additional copies. (The list does contain entries known only to this database.)

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.



The other function of this website, if you wish to use the capabilities, will allow you to search for your next home. 

 I am full time Real Estate agent with Childers Sotheby's International Realty®, cover Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and have many years experience fishing and boating the area. I  haved lived on the water and am very familiar with the waterfront home market, as well as vacation and relocation homes (and condos) in the Monmouth and Ocean County area. I pride myself in not being a"pushy" Realtor®, so although a visit to my website
www.njhomeweb.com will require you to sign in to do a search, it will absolutely not result in any phone calls. It will initiate a series of informational e-mails, from which you can unsubscribe if you wish. A better option, if you are looking for a home, is to send me an e-mail directly from the website (or this website), telling me, with as much  detail  as possible, what you are searching for, and I will create a custom search of the Multiple Listing Service that will send you homes that match your requirements as soon as they are available on the MLS. Again, no calls or obligation, you call  if you see something you would like to see or on which you would like  more information.


Why am I making my 30+ years of accumulated locations available? Hopefully you will put some of them to good use, and hopefully you will think of me when you are ready to sell or buy your next property. With over 1500 GPS locations I doubt if any of the spots will become crowded, although some of the popular inshore spots may have another fishing boat or dive boat on it before you get there.

If you want to be e-mailed when there are changes or additions to the GPS database, send me an e-mail and I will alert you to all changes.
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Reference Information- ( click on topic)
How do I calculate Range/Bearing and manage the database.
What is AWOIS
- Official NOAA Document 28 pages
What is AWOIS - Ray's Short Version - 1 Page
AWOIS Database Search Website
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Manasquan Inlet - Full Report   
Manasquan Inlet - to 25 Miles

Barnegat Inlet - Full Report   

Barnegat Inlet - to 25 Miles


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